Responsible Investment

Our approach to responsible investing

We are sensitive to the importance of acting responsibly as individuals and as a company in order to contribute to the current and future wellbeing of society.

As such, our activity includes a series of principles that contribute to the spread of conscientious and honest practices in the market economy we inhabit

We take into account environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria in all areas of our work. Please click here to read our responsible investment policy.

One of our fundamental pillars in terms of governance is the close monitoring of the entities in which we invest, ensuring, among other things, that their actions are consistent with our ESG principles. You may consult our Engagement Policy here.

You may consult our vote and engagement here

We take principal adverse impact statement (PIAS) into account in our investment decisions on sustainability factors from January 1, 2022. You may consult our principal adverse impact statement declaration here.



As a commitment to this endeavour, in 2014 we joined the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment and we conduct rigorous ESG assessments of the companies in which we invest. Our investment vehicles are subject to the industry’s benchmark sustainability rating.


Our offices have incorporated responsible waste management practices, minimising the use of plastic and promoting responsible paper management.


In 2011, the EDM partners agreed to allocate a portion of profits to patronage and sponsorship activities. Each year, we support at least three and as many as eight projects. 

We select our priorities from the following areas: 

  • Education, training, research
  • Health: improving sanitary conditions and the quality of life
  • Social integration and community development
  • Environment
  • Corporate volunteering
  • Conservation and restoration of historical heritage sites
  • Visual, performing, musical arts

We have had the satisfaction of supporting numerous projects that have passed a rigorous selection process and helped a significant number of people. We are firmly committed to the continuation of this activity.

The entities with which we have collaborated include: