EDM is a financial services company that provides investment solutions tailored to each client, with the conviction, transparency, and confidence to root our solutions in high quality, prosperous, responsible businesses.


we have engaged exclusively in investment management. We do not conduct any brokerage, investment banking or commercial activity, which may create conflicts of interest for our clients.


the Grupo Mutua Madrileña acquired a controlling interest in the business. The remaining capital is held by 27 partners who belong to the professional team.

We offer Weath Management services to help individuals and families achieve their goals and aspirations through various solutions.

We provide Asset Management services through collective investment vehicles with different domiciles and profiles for distribution in the institutional sphere.

Both Wealth and Asset Management are cultivated by an investment style based on economic fundamentals about which we hold strong convictions.

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We are available to serve our clients from any of our offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Mexico.