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Commercial Team


All clients in the discretionary system are provided with a minimum of 2 professionals in charge of their account: a commercial Manager and an Assistant. At times a portfolio manager is added to the team.

The Commercial Manager complies with Investment Guidelines on behalf of the client and undertakes to fulfil the goals pursued by each client represented within the organisation, emphasising our identical interests without conflict. The client manager relation is the cornerstone of individualised wealth management.

It is EDM policy not to make too many changes to these teams unless strictly necessary, therefore these professionals stay with their clients over time adding to the trust and individualised care that we make an essential component of our client relations.

The actual Commercial Team is formed by:

  • Javier Abelló
  • Julio Añoveros
  • María Díaz-Morera
  • Gabriel Fabián
  • Carlos Llamas
  • Jordi Pascual
  • Cristina Ruiz
  • Eduard Tarradellas
  • Fernando Vega
  • Sergi Villalvilla